This isn’t a blog about me, it’s a blog for vegan recipes.  Apart from a short introduction, you won’t find a lot of chit chat and storytelling here.  The pages aren’t completely devoid of personal anecdotes, if you like that sorta thing, but I keep them to a minimum in order to focus on the recipes and convey any important information about their preparation or ingredients.

Sometimes vegan recipes call for uncommon ingredients, so once in a while you’ll see links that I think will help you figure out what they are or where they can be purchased.

You can navigate the categories listed down the right hand side.  There you’ll also find links to some of my favourite vegan recipe sites, as well as a handful of general baking websites that I find helpful.

If you try one of the recipes, please comment on it!  Even if it doesn’t turn out.  Actually, ESPECIALLY if it doesn’t turn out.  Thanks!