Summer Kohlrabi

This recipe came to me in this week’s e-mail from the farm we get our CSA share from.  According to that e-mail it was originally from, but I’ve veganized it.  I’m not a big fan of parsley, and so I think it would’ve tasted a lot better (to me) had I just skipped adding the parsley at the end or maybe added less.  Rather than measuring, I estimated with the parsley, and probably added too much.  If you’re not a big parsley fan either, you might wanna leave it out.  Otherwise, this reminded me a lot of scalloped potatoes.

1 cup finely chopped onions
1 lb. (about 3-4) peeled kohlrabi cut into sticks 1/4″ thick
4 tbsp. Earth Balance
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1 cup soy milk
1/3 cup finely chopped parsley
1 tbsp. flour


  1. Sautee onions and kohlrabi in Earth Balance in a large heavy-bottomed saucepan until well coated with margarine.  Add salt and pepper.  Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, until kohlrabi is tender (about 25 minutes).
  2. Sprinkle with flour and turn to mix.  Add soy milk and cook, stirring, until mix thickens.  Adjust seasoning adding additional salt and pepper if desired.  Stir in parsley.

~ by AmyLL on July 4, 2008.

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